I'm a part-time artist who loves to paint seascapes and people. I love clean lines and bright colours. I believe that surrounding ourselves with beautiful things in our home, makes us happy and positive. I’m also a full time office-jobber and a new mom, meandering through life and trying to do it all. I also love planning, journaling and writing and talk about how we can design our dream life and do everything we love to do.

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If you ever want to talk about stationery, art supplies, painting, journaling or anything at all, hit me up at riddhisartdesk@gmail.com .

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I'm Riddhi, and I'm an artist from Bangalore, India. I write about being a part time artist and a full time corporate employee while being a mom


I write Art Letters - letters from the desk of a part time artist, writer, full time corporate jobber and new mom.